Friday 12 September 2008

Eid Wish List

I e-mailed my sisters and asked them what they wanted for Eid as I couldn’t think of anything. These (below) are their wish lists, so what do they say about us?
(Apologies for this nonsense, this is what I have to put up with)

Hello girls,
you have till tomorrow to get your wish lists for Eid in as I need time to get the stuff.

Hello ladies,

Here is my list:

Ines of My Soul by Isabel Allendes (book)
Lindt chocolate (red box only)
The Illusionist dvd
Some black ankle socks (Next are good)
Sweeney Todd dvd
Cloverfield dvd
Some money to a charity for me

Can’t think of anything else so I think this is it-please give me your lists asap

dnt want anything in particular for eid, maybe that paris hilton heiress perfume as mine is running low (dnt comment on that!) if u guys want anything let me know as i wnt have time for any eid shopping (i.e. faffing around shops trying to figure out wat u want) otherwise il just go pound shop and buy u all dolly mixtures, so tell me now! (on hotmail add) if i think of anything else i want il let u know, my brain is switched off at the mo. byeee!

Muhammad - a biog from the earliest sources - Martin Lings (book)
Khalid Bin Walid - a biography (not sure who is the author, but the latest book to come out)
Tafsir (Commentary) of Quran in English (expensive, so might ask hubby)
Quran tapes with English translation to listen to while I cook (expensive, so might ask hubby)
Sharpie markers - black
Sharpie markers - pack of 10 at WHSmith
Royal Jelly capsules (vegetarian shell please)
Some nice boxes to decorate and store my junk in (cardboard, wood etc - cheap and cheerful basically)
Craft supplies

That's all I can think of
LSS, you asked for ankle socks and Lindt cheesy-chocolate last year, your list is crap, put some more stuff on it.
FASH, you are going to end up with three bottles of Paris Hilton perfume, so add more stuff on your list
KLS, get a move on or you will be getting malteasers and some hair bands from the £-shop (oh and some more toe-socks)

i read isabel allende, she wrote the mask of zorro, twas cool.erm, i have a long book list but i reckon the main ones i want are juliet mariller books, although they might be a bit expensive, in which case dont bother, i'll ebay them (basically, the sevenwater or whatever its called trilogy), daughter of the forest, son of the shadows and child of the prophecy cos ilford library is gay and only has star trek or mills and boons books.and i also want some warehouse and asos clothes but i reckon you lot would rather buy them and them set fire to them in front of me rather than give them to me, so just get me some WEARABLE pretty scarfs, preferable plain, no dodgy granma prints or pinks or whites, definitely no pastel colours, the colours i like to wear like blue or maroon or dark blue, or bottle green or just something really funky like olive.oh yeah and i want a dark blue (but not navy top) cos i cant be asked to get it myself. actually sod that i'll find it on ebay so dont get it.otherwise gimme a lot of moneys.p.s. i dont know why you lot keep starting your emails with "hello ladies" like we're the stepford wives or something. and what does 'asa' mean i still cant figure it out. is it 'also said as'??

You're such a retard, next time I will start my e-mail hello ladies and a donkey.
ASA means Assalam-alaikam you Arabically-challenged donkey - ("twas"?!)

Can you write a proper list without all the crap in it –I don’t have all day to try and decipher it!

the dvds, scarfs, chocolate and moneys. and asos/warehouse clothes.

A proper list –with bullet points and specific wants otherwise your gona get a dvd called how to garden or killer bees –I’m not joking!

i cnat be bothered i do it later
(the English student in her emerging)


  1. Assalamualikum,

    MASHAllah cute conversations.-))
    I have four sisters myself ,but we never ask each other what the other wants..
    We just go for the usual a " shalwar material" eid gift-))).
    Mind u,thats a useful gift too.
    who doesnt need an extra pair of dress-)).

  2. i didn't think you would actually put the whole conversation on!!

  3. that made me cry with laughter!
    (oh the shame of telling everyone in the world...!)

  4. that's just harsh, i feel like my privacy has been violated and that i have been exposed to the mockery of others.

    woe is me.

  5. slmz, thnx for posting on my blog :).Ur conversation with ur sisters is so funny...In my family we dont really exchange gifts on Eid but I think i'll buy my sister somethn this year.(well, a little somethin actually becos of my budget)And I also love the handmade bracelets u have on ur website.I make my own jewelery too bt not that good tho. :)

  6. hey
    how you make your own webste

  7. Asslam-alaikam,
    I use Blogger and just followed the instructions ( My sister uses Wordpress and says she prefers this format ( Both are free and fairly-user friendly.

  8. Oh umm salihah this is SO funny!!! Makes me wish I had sisters!!! Reminds me of the kind of notes my friends and I would share in 6th form. Hope you all had a lovely Eid. I've been following your sisters blog for a bit now too!