Saturday 6 September 2008

Iftar At My Favourite Uncles Place.

As I had managed to avoid fried food for the week, I thought I would treat my family to a traditional Pakistani Ramadan fry-up today (samosa's, pakora's, spring-rolls etc). My favourite uncle went one better and invited us to share iftar with him.

All the traditional favourites were there: both vegetable and meat samosa's, lovely soft pakora's, chicken sheesh kebabs, fruit chaat and dhai bhalle.

After the maghrib prayer we were treated to pilau rice and chicken curry and I was pleased that the kids ate well mash'Allah despite two cases of painful ear-infection (now receding) and Gorgeous's nasty cough which is making him grumpy (thankfully he has now conked out in my lap and I can go pray taraweeh).


  1. OMG droll droll sis, mashaAllah dhai balle yummy , i have been fancing a curry for some days but can't be bothered to cook it ! Looks lovely with everyone gathered around on the floor mashaallah. I find the Itar time is late so avoiding invites as gets too much for the kids.

  2. Assalam-laikam Sister Rainbow,
    Can't be bothered to cook curry? You've lost you're desi-ness!!! (I would love to see the recipe next time you make a curry)

    I know what you mean, I thought I wouldn't have to cook and would be freed up a little, but it meant getting home and getting the kids to bed I ended up doing everyhting a bit later.

  3. I do feel when you are in a mixed marriage you loose a cetain amount of desiness (in my case) the dh's influence is stronger esp when it comes to food, so yes eat less curry and Algerian food is soooo esay to cook compared to desi curry's so sometimes just easier all round. What curry would you like to see? Maybe give me one to cook and it may inspire me :)

  4. what a lovely family pic masha'allah..I love the homliness that ramadhan creates..subhanallah..the food looks delicious too !!!

  5. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sis Rainbow,
    You choose, you know I like your cooking posts.

    Sister UmmZakariya,
    It was nice, that's me reaching for the ketchup.

  6. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Masha'Allah, iftars together are wonderful, must be even better together as an extended family. :)