Tuesday 23 September 2008

Ramadan – A Visual Journey

I was feeling a bit harried this morning (with my various to-do lists getting scrumpled up in the bottom of my bag), when I saw the first internet link below in an e-mail from one of my sisters. I was moved by the beauty of the photo's and the poignancy of those taken in Palestine. I have also noticed that a few sister's have been posting photo and video series about Ramadan around the world and wanted to share. I love how these excellent pictures highlight the diversity of our Ummah and how beautiful and creative (and colourful) our different ways of celebrating Ramadan are.

Stunning Boston Globe feature

Sister Samah’s picture series Ramadan Around the World

Sister Umm Yusuf’s blog (the wonderfully named Is there Food on My Niqab?) has a post also called Ramadan Around the World and whilst there please do take a look at her sadaqah project and see if you can help insh'Allah.

Sister Umm Nassim’s Ramadan Around the World Series is a number of posts with videos from around the world.

Islamicity have a series of video's from different parts of the world about Ramadan.

"Pakistan: Ramadan meal preparation." Online Photograph. Britannica Student Encyclopædia (23 Sept. 2008)

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