Friday 19 September 2008

The Pleasure of Small Things

As it is the precious Jummah day and because I am in a good mood (despite the kids throwing Penguin chocolate bars into the loo and blocking it up) this list felt apt:

The Pleasure of Small Things

Eating toast in bed on a rainy day.
The feeling of warm water on my hands when you I wash dishes.
The snugness of your hijab on a cold day.
Getting a ride in my husband’s truck.
Snowflakes on your children’s eyelashes (and your tongue)
Having the kids in bed with me.
The smell of just-washed bed-linen
Being called “muu-um” (or even better “my mum” in Little Man’s case)
The sun on your face on a mild day.
That sigh when you finish a good book.
Window shopping for things you could never buy
Seeing my feet again (after I had each of my little ones)
Writing in a brand new clean, empty notebook.
The feel and taste of chocolate melting in your mouth.
Slow Sunday mornings
Teasing the kids
Walking in long grass
Long conversations with Kooky about books
Long conversations with my husband about life
Vegetating on my mum’s sofa
Listening to my gran’s stories
Leaving work early
Playing baout with my craft materials for inspiration
When the kids are asleep and hubby isn’t home and I get the internet to myself.
Eating Long-Suffering Sisters chocolate and then denying it
Drinking water in a mug
Looking at the flowers in people’s front gardens
That quiet moment in the afternoon, when you have nothing to do (or do, but ignore it) and all of the kids have fallen asleep.
Laughing so hard with my sisters that I can’t breathe
Seeing green things
Reading the newspapers when I should be working
Ginger biscuits
Rolling down hills (although the older and bigger you get, the more you get battered)
Getting to the stop just as the bus pulls in (especially when finding the bus empty)
Putting henna on my children’s hands.
When my dad-in-law calls me “beta” (daughter)
Picking up the post (except when its all bills)
Watching the children fight to get into my lap
The weight of a sleeping child in your arms.
That feeling of relief and lightness after a fever subsides
Using a brand new lipstick.
That Friday feeling (no school, no work, going to mum’s)

What small pleasures make your day and bring the moment alive for you?

Jummah Mubarak


  1. Really nice post dear. I just left a mail. Check out!

  2. Play dough seems to be making a few bloggers happy this ramandan !

  3. wow subhanAllah, this really made me smile! the only thing i did disagree with personally is drinking water from a mug =P haha i cant even swallow anything from a mug that isnt warm.. so weird!

  4. "Getting a ride in my husband’s truck"

    You sound like a farmer's wife.

  5. Alhamdulillah! beautiful list!

  6. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister Lubna,
    thanks for your sweet e-mail, it helped.

    Sis Rainbow,
    how can you go wrong with play-dough? I'm htinking of getting some to hide in my desk at work.

    Sis Umm Yusuf,
    I'm glad if it made you smile. Just like my husband, who says if you're going to give me water in a mug, don't bother. Once i ran out of clean glasses and I gave my cousin water in a mug to give his mum, she refused to drink it completely.

    a) you're just jealous
    b) we're both farmers grandkids on both sides,
    c) I can just imagine you with a pinny and a bit of straw stickinh out of you're gob.

    thanks, I'd love to see you're list.

  7. i have tagged you!

    have a look!

  8. you can't deny eating my chocs any more-youjust confessed/gave yourself up!