Saturday 26 July 2008

We Love The Weekend

Oh how I love the weekend, it feels like ages since I have had a proper two days of rest at home so this weekend we will be:

Cooking the lovely courgettes my friend gave me from her allotment and making some of these kebabs to go with them.

Watching these video's from Sister Umm Nassim's excellent and useful blog with my children.

Visiting my gran as she makes me feel very, very loved ("Daughter!! where have you been, three days! I thought you'd forgotten about me, come sit here...").

Calling the in-laws in Pakistan and checking up on the lovely new bride.

I might also have a go at these lovely looking cookies from Sister UmmiHabibati's blog if I get a chance.

Putting my bomb-site of a house back in order (managed to convince better half we don't need more building work - yipppeeee).

Trying to get all of the spare furniture my husband collects (four beds, computer desk, cot, bikes etc) into storage and sold insh'Allah (will be having a busy afternoon on gumtree.

Get some extra sleep in.


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  2. aslamu alakum sister hope you weekend is fruitful as you wish it tobe ameen.

  3. hmm.. furniture eh? let us know before you do this... insha'allah Im moving back to UK in october.. so furniture might be useful ;P

  4. I am after a pine and silver PC desk or Station. a side board in pine or dark wood, also a cabin bed or mid sleepr with desk, sorry if it seems inappropriateto ask?