Tuesday 8 July 2008

Lahori Summer

I’ve been in Pakistan for four days now and it already feels like a lifetime, not because I am bored, but because of the sheer intensity of the experience. I think the words “sensory overload” would be an understatement. From the moment we left Allama Iqbal International Airport to travel home to Shalimar in Lahore to this moment my senses have been barraged by all kinds of noise, smells and images and interesting new tastes. The heat is making me very, very lazy (35C) and just heightens whatever I experience. I have always thought that I live life the rest of the time, but in Pakistan I truly come alive and on this occasion this is proving to be the case.

The moment we turned up at my in-laws house unannounced was amazing. My brother-in-law opened the door did a double take then ran back inside. Then he came back out to see if he was seeing things. The house was full of guests and as soon as we stepped through the door everyone went crazy. Hugs and kisses all round and although they got a surprise, it was my legs that wouldn’t stop shaking for a very long time afterwards. I feel very loved right now.

The wedding was interesting (lots of Lahori custom’s which I had not heard of and my husband tried to put a stop to – unsuccessfully) and also lots of fun. I had to struggle with keeping it all halal (music, dress, mixing with men), I hope I didn’t engage in anything that would displease Allah (SWT). I’ll do a full write-up when I can and get my brother-in-law to upload some pictures.

The kids are well alhamdulillah apart from Little Man’s accident with a swing which just missed his eye but left a cut in his head and Gorgeous’s laziness which is bothering me. We’ll visit the doctor later today insh’Allah. I am just relieved this is the longest I’ve been in Pakistan without getting a bad stomach. I am also getting the most sleep I have had in a long time and the bags under my eyes are receding (plus I have lost some weight without even trying)

I’ll try and get pictures of one of my favourite places, Anarkali bazaar (shoes, bags, clothes, bangles, jewellery ad infinitum) and a few other places insh’Allah. Hopefully I’ll be able to post again before I go home, otherwise it will be then (18th July)


  1. Wow! Sounds like lots of love and lots of fun. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

    ma'a salaamah,


  2. Anonymous08 July, 2008

    Alhamdullah you made it to Pakistan safe and sound! Sorry to hear about your little one but as you see, as life turns you are all in Lahore now. I cannot wait to see your pictures...and please DO shop a lot...I am envious you get to roam the markets. Our trip was canceled so we are living the Californian life again. Post more Pakistan stories soon, InshaAllah!

  3. Mash'Allah sis the way you described it sounds so intense, colourful, beautiful out of a postcard!
    hamdulillah you are enjoying yourbtime and it's so great to be with loved one. Sorry for the little one.
    Enjoy your time and specially the weather as in London's pouring!!

  4. Anonymous10 July, 2008

    The reaction from the in-laws sounds beautiful :D

  5. Anonymous11 July, 2008

    The reaction from you brother-in-law sounds right out of a cartoon!!
    glad all that secrecy paid off!!

  6. Salaams! It's me, the geeky IT sister from your Tower days! Absolutely lovin' the blog and the website. Lahore sounds wonderfully overwhelming. Have a great trip and speak soon IA.

  7. Salam wa alaykum sister - I feel like I'm in pakistan with you. You so needed this trip and InshaAllah all is going well. Have lots of fun and bring back pics!! Miss you loads and wish I could have been there to see the in-law's reaction!!!