Tuesday 1 July 2008

Thank You

After all that fussing, stressing, tears this morning and being at the peak of giving up – Gorgeous’s passport has arrived. My poor husband drove over 100 miles to stage a sit-in at the Petersborough Passport Office (I’m not joking he has a terrible anarchist streak), when I got the call from the Passport Office and had to call him to come back and get a letter from me giving him permission to collect the passport and go back again. He is not happy….hee hee never mind.

So now I’ve got Fashionista Sister and Long-Suffering Sister running around in their lunch breaks doing my shopping for me and I have got my appetite back after a nauseous few days.
Still worried about baby as he is not 100%, but he is much better, will just have to keep a close eye on him.

I am sure that some kind person’s prayer for us has been answered. I wonder which of you has caused this kindness to happen for me, I am deeply grateful.

It sounds very shallow to care so much about a wedding, but my husband’s family are very close and many of them have not seen him for four long years. His brother has kept putting his marriage off because of us, until his parents have finally had enough and railroaded him into setting a very short date (hence the panic on our part). A few days ago my father-in-law called and asked if there was any way we could come for the wedding. My husband was a little abrupt in saying no and listing all the reasons (work, school, weather) why we couldn’t go. His reason for being abrupt was because he wanted to heighten the sense of surprise when we turned up unannounced, but the thought of not being able to go made me think that that NO was going to haunt us.

My mother-in-law misses her son and says she hears his voice everywhere and keep’s mistaking other people for him at a distance. I have a new sister in law and two nephews (1 a week old) and a niece (plus numerous little new cousins) I have not seen. Two weeks will fly by and I look forward to the look of shock on everyone’s faces, meeting the new babies and welcoming the new bride. As it’s Lahore, there will also be the shopping, eating out (you’d think I’d learn after getting food poisoning the last time) and leaving the kids with the in-laws while hubby tales me out on his motorbike till the early hours of the morning.

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  1. Aslamu alakum sister alhamduilah lil one is making a good recovery sofar and alhamduillah you have great sisters running around doing the shopping for you mashaAllah, once you are on the way there sister inshaAllah you will feel more relaxed, on that bike duppata in flow , riding through the pind, mind you Lahore is a city never mind sill very nice mashaAllah, have fun and a safe return, don't forget to pack the digi cam sister , i wana see all the wedding shots and the rest upon your return inshaAllah.