Saturday 19 July 2008

Summer 2008 in Lahore - Home Sweet Home.

Got back from Pakistan yesterday and still getting over the jet lag and difference in time, weather, quietness, light etc. Feels a bit surreal. The trip for the most part was lovely, although far from easy because of the heat, lack of time and culture difference. Apart from the mozzie bites we are all glowing, although I am losing my tan already. London has very hard water, so spending a little time anywhere else does wonders for your hair and skin.

Will start to unpack my bags and unload the goodies in a bit, have slept half the day and my dopeyness is still not wearing off. I think it rained non-stop whilst I was away and so the weather feels so cool and comfortable, it also meant I got a lovely surpise when I saw my garden - it has exploded into a riot of greenery and flowers which are spilling over the borders and pots.

At the moment I just can't stop sleeping.


  1. Welcome back sis!!!
    Oh my old days sunbathing...gone!
    I find that the water in London is so harsh, my skin is so dry and my hair is just so horribly dull!

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sister Muslimah and jazakh'Allah-khairun.
    I agree, London's hard water is terrible on my skin and hair. The effect of Pakistan is wearing off already.
    Mmm, you're right about that too, not much sunbathing to be done in London.