Monday 21 July 2008

A Glance Into The Future?

I met the strangest lady today. She visited with one of the councillor’s and was trying to explain to us what she wanted. She kept mentioning lots of things I was interested in: spirituality, the interface between art and science, holding onto our heritage and connecting with our roots, the way things are connected, networks, mental health, the importance of quiet times and spaces. I just got a bit concerned when she kept mentioning hearing voices. She was a very cultured and educated person, who used to be a local teacher, but was now disabled and appeared very confused. The Councillor of course missed all of this and explained to the lady that she wasn’t as clever as her so she much go away and put her words into bullet points - that threw the lady off a bit.

It was all a bit disconcerting. I kept thinking I recognised some of what she was saying, and then we’d end up at a dead end again. I almost felt as if I got a flash of myself in many years time. Maybe I should give in now and stick to shopping, chat-shows and reading the gossip pages? Pakistani people seem to have this theory anyway: if you study too much, you eventually go mad (my better half also seems to share this theory to some extent). A sentiment shared in this clip.


  1. Sister in Islam 'moderation ' is what we are adviced and this is how we should use the things around us, not to fall in to possive behaviour ect depends on the knowledge you seek, i have been studying one Topic for 15yrs now and alhamduillah. Its about then understanding and transmiting the knowledge you are gaining, not wasting time on idiol pursuits that are likely to do your head in.

  2. Anonymous22 July, 2008

    Hahaha... that clip was hilarious. Obviously its a bongy to believe that too much knowledge causes madness.. depends on how u use the info and knowledge u have

  3. Assalam-alaikam Sis Rainbow,
    you're right of course. It's about being moderate in all things as our faith encourages. I also beleive strongly that salah, wudhu and dhikr are all good for our mental state and prevent poor mental health and senility.

    Hey Fash,
    I like that clip too, showed it to hubby and he laughed that that was exactly what people in Pakistan think.
    Oh and you just introduced a useful new word to the internet: "bongy" might do a post about it.