Thursday 21 June 2018

Eid-ul-Fitr 2018/1439: Eid Decor and Crafts

I didn’t even try and be creative, or trendy with this years Eid décor and just went with my favourite theme for Eid: rainbow pastels.  I figured that it’s a summer Eid so I couldn’t go wrong.

As with the Ramadan decorations, Little Lady helped with cutting and assembling what I asked for.  The banners are made with DCWV textured plain coloured card stock with wooden letters on then that we spray painted silver (these are the letters I use and this is the spray paint I prefer).

The framed pictures are with more of the same card stock and smaller spray-painted wooden letters (we used these).  The two frames we created were embellished with a range of adhesive gems from various sources.

The children filled the large plastic drink cups with sweets and wrapped with squares of cellophane cut from a large roll I have, the tops were tied with old loom bands.

The table cloth is a pretty scarf of mine, my dad-in-law saw the display and asked “isn’t that supposed to go on your head?”

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