Sunday 24 June 2018

Eid-ul-Fitr 2018/1439: Day 2 - Hosting and Visiting

On the second day of Eid I spontaneously decided to host lunch so invited anyone that could get to us in time for lunch.

I wore this outfit, which I found really pretty and which was cool and comfortable with a lovely fit:

The babies wore these rainbow dresses which I picked up for a bargain £13 each at TK Maxx, I loved how pretty these looked on and they looked fab in photo’s too.  Our Eid d├ęcor this year was inspired by these.

I ended up making plain pilau rice, lamb curry, chicken curry, roast chicken, seekh kebabs and some shammi kebabs Fashionista’s mother in law had sent us to freeze and use when we want to.

I never got quite as far as making dessert so served up watermelon slices and sweet Pakistani mangoes which went down a treat.

For dinner we were invited to my favourite uncle’s house.  I knew there would be non-mahram’s there, so I switched to this loose abaya-like outfit

We explored my uncles garden – he is an avid gardener and will pick whatever he can lay his hands on and give it to us to take home: cucumbers, tomatoes, greengages, figs, plums, cherries, apples, even green chickpeas one year.

The babies enjoyed playing outside in the twilight.

The food was good and the company interesting, the various uncles and cousins locked horns over Pakistani politics while the ladies rolled their eyes, we ended up staying late into the night chatting and sharing dessert.

I hope your Eid was pleasant and enjoyed with those you love insh’Allah.

You can see more pictures at Shutterbug Sisters blog and Instagram or at Harlequin Sisters blogs here and here and Instagram

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