Sunday 24 June 2018

Eid-ul-Fitr 2018/1439: Day 1 - Family, Feasting and Fashion

After a Ramadan with long days of fasting, an intense job and hubby being away, I was more than happy not to be hosting Eid lunch for the family.  My mum insisted she would cook for everyone and no one objected.

I still had to cook so that we had something to eat at home: sevaiyah (vermicelli in milk dessert) for breakfast, tandoori chicken legs and channa chaat for guests and lamb curry for dinner.

Not doing a full meal for the whole family meant that we had time to get ready instead of rushing as usual, or worse, me in the kitchen with slippers and an apron over my new clothes while everyone turns up in heels and full makeup.

Hubby bought me something new to wear at the last minute (1am the night before Eid):

It's a lovely grown up shade of dusky pink and looked really elegant with the gharara-style trousers (type of trousers that flares from the knee and looks almost like a skirt when worn).

The babies for the prettiest rose-print dresses that my mum bought for all of the little girls in the family.

As always, the most important thing to the boys was their new socks, Gorgeous has a proclivity for loud socks and calls these his bumble socks.

Dinner at mums was the very flavoursome lamb pilau that gets made for Eid with kofta curry, chicken breast curry, lamb kebabs, tandoori chicken and accompaniments.  Fashionista Sister made us cake for dessert, rich, dark and slightly bitter:

The afternoon was spent opening presents, admiring outfits and pestering little people for photo sessions:

This box of scarf cupcakes was a gift from my aunt, I thought it was a nice little idea, the scarf colours were lovely too:

This ring is from shutterbug sister and is the best present ever: jewellery, green, sparkle, natural motifs, all of my favourite things in one.

I laughed when I saw my dads gifts, everyone seems to have bought him scent, the box on the right is from me

Late afternoon my brother invited us all back to his house for a barbecue.  Sister in law is a fab cook and her mum who made us all lamb pilau is even better.  I liked the way they planned the meal – everyone in her family brought a dish and one person is not lumbered with all the work.  Plus the barbecue meant that the men got off their bottoms and helped out too.  I think I will suggest something like this for next Eid.

The lamb pilau was one of the best I have tasted and so full of taste that it didn’t need anything with it, I added salad because it was a very nice salad, I have recreated at home and will share the recipe soon insh’Allah

It was a very nice Eid alhamdulillah  

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