Monday 25 June 2018

Book Review: Sleeping Beauty An Islamic Tale by Fawzia Gilani

I was sent this book by Kube Publishers to review and was intrigued by the idea and the front cover.  A princess in pink…hijab.  A snake which I don’t recall featuring in the original story and what could or could not be a prince holding a bottle of something and clearly not anywhere near to kissing the princess.

On reading the book to my little girls I had a lot of fun finding the original story replaced with all sorts of Islamic references.  The party at the birth of the princess is an aqiqah.  The guests are alim’s (Islamic scholars) who come to make dua for the baby.  The villain is called Count Lahab, named after a relative of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) that is not loved by Muslims.

I liked also that the book focusses on the good character of the princess who rejects all of the princes that come to ask for her hand in marriage in favour of an orphan boy of kind nature and good character.  The princess’s protector in the palace is a tall woman in green abayah with a bow and arrow, the happy ever after wedding is actually a walima.

As the story unfolds we find it is the princesses husband not a prince that must help her, we are reminded that cure is from Allah (SWT) not from anything else.

The illustrations are vivid, I liked most the illustrations of the princess herself, abaya, hijab and all and also the theme of pink roses running throughout. The book was a little long to read aloud in one go to the babies, maybe a better option to read over a few nights, certainly it would hold the interest of an older, independent reader.

An intriguing, fun story with some positive messages for little Muslims. I have seen Snow White and Cinderella by the same author and wouldn’t mind checking these out to see how the author has put an Islamic spin on them.

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