Thursday 5 April 2018

Picture of the Day 24.03.018: Requests for Paratha's

My kids have always been fussy eaters, most likely because I have been in the past.  But there is one thing they will all eat – paratha’s, buttery, soft, flaky chapatti’s made with wheat flour dough and lots of clarified butter or ghee.

So when I cook something that offends them, like a vegetable God-forbid, they ask for paratha’s.  I am happy to oblige knowing that a paratha is good to keep their bellies full for hours.  The boys usually make themselves savoury scrambled eggs Pakistani-style with salt, black pepper and Kashmiri chilli, to go with the paratha’s.


  1. How do you make such good parathas? Mine are like plasticine gone hard

  2. Sister, do you not think that eating less meat would be better for the environment? You should encourage your children to eat more vegetables.