Sunday 8 April 2018

Cornwall 2018: St Michaels Mount

We visited St Michael's Mount on our last trip to Cornwall eight years ago and it was one of the most unexpectedly magical places I have been to.  On that occasion it rained, we got there late and had to see it in a rush.  One of my most beloved memories however is running back from the island to the mainland as the water rose and the path became submerged to our knees.  My mum and sisters wading back with me, hubby ahead of us with a little boy (Little Man and Gorgeous) under each arm and Little Lady already back on the other side, sitting like a cat on a rock watching us with a smirk.

We decided to go back for the first day of our holiday this spring.  On this occasion, it was cloudy and cold and it also happened to be Easter Sunday.  So we got to the beach to be told that the monastery and shops would be shut but that we could still go across.  I was just grateful to see the sea.

We took the stroll across the beach and over the cobbled path to St Michaels Mount.  The kids complained it was cold and Darling announced she didn't like beaches.

We clambered around the harbour walls, took pictures, walked around the island a little and walked back as we saw the water rising.

It is a beautiful and unique place, but we didn't pick the best day to see it.  I hope to come back some day and spend a good few hours on a sunny day with my husband or sisters, minus moaning children.

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