Thursday 5 April 2018

Picture of the Day 22.03.018: Fierce Ballerina

I sometimes wonder how such an enormous temper could reside in such a small person.  To look at Baby, she is a little doll with an elfin face, but get on the wrong side of her and she erupts.

I tried to hold her hand on the beach and she whacked me with her little plastic spade.
A dog barked at her in the park and she tapped it on the nose with her little handbag while the rest of us had mini heart attacks.
I told her she had to wear that I had chosen for her instead of the dress she wanted and she cried for hours.

But all the love she receives and the competition for my hugs with Darling, have brought out another side of her, so that when she is not fighting with someone she is landing big smoochy kisses on my face and telling me how much she loves me.

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