Wednesday 18 April 2018

Cornwall 2018: Eden Project Rainforest Biome

The Mediterranean biodome at the Eden Project is my mum’s favourite part of the Project and I love the warmth and beauty of the gardens.  But my favourite part is the Rainforest biome – hot, exotic, with striking plants, and did I mention it’s hot?

Temperatures go up to 35 degrees celcius and the space replicates the world's rainforest environments of tropical islands, Southeast Asia, West Africa and tropical South America.

Something that was different from our last visit eight years ago was the abundance of colourful Roul Roul Partridge’s, these were everywhere and completely used to people.  There are supposed to be other insects, lizards and birds too, but I didn’t notice any.

There were educational display and information everywhere, about what we can gain from the rainforest but also about the preservation of them.

I had to take a picture, I have a thing about bamboo, there’s something so elegant and pleasing about the shape.

The trees were enormous, they reached up to the canopy.

There was art everywhere in the biodome:

My favourite thing, other than the heat, was the waterfall.  This was close to the roof of the biodome and I would happily have stood there all day listening to the sound and feeling the spray of it on my face.

These are actual papaya growing on the tree.

The rainforest canopy walkway was great fun, we went around in circles and crossed it a few times.  Hubby thought it was great fun to bounce on it and try and scare me, the boys followed suit and scared the daylights out of various poor people trying to get across.

I remembered this large ginger torch flower from last time, beautiful colour and striking plant

I had a great time enjoying the heat and strolling through the greenery.  I noticed that they had installed a cool room in the rainforest biodome, which is thoughtful because not everyone can take too much heat.

We spent a good few hours at Eden and enjoyed ourselves.  The tickets were pricey, although you can visit again during the year for free and it was very busy, I always feel a little resentful that the only time we can visit is during school holidays when everywhere is crammed with people.  I think I have Cornwall out of my system for now, if I do go back, I will certainly wait fir warner weather.

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