Sunday 8 April 2018

Cornwall 2018: The Gold Centre

Having spent the first day of our Cornwall holiday at St Michaels Mount getting very cold, we decided to spend the rest of the day back at our accommodation resting.  On the drive back we came across the Cornwall Gold Centre.  I had seen this on TripAdvisorand I and my mum had wanted to visit, but couldn’t justify making everyone go shopping in the middle of their day out.  Once we had decided to go home anyway, and the Gold Centre being on the way, we convinced everyone a quick detour wouldn’t hurt.

I thought it was a very clever idea, basically a gold shop with its grounds with workshops, mini golf, restaurant, and a little museum.  We spent a little time in the gold shop but the children were noisy and bored so we left sooner than we would have liked to.

Hubby took the kids to play mini golf and give us some peace and Little Lady, my mum and I spent some time looking at the gift shops.  There were activities for children to make your own teddy bear or paint pottery.  

My favourite thing was a little water mill that allowed you to pan for gold, the kids had a great time and found lots of semi-precious little stones.  Darling will be taking hers to school for show and tell, the boys gave theirs to me J

I checked the map of the site as we were leaving and realised that we had missed the Tolgus Tin Mill at the far end of the site, I would have liked to take a look, but we were ready to leave, so that is something to look out for if you visit.  I thought this place was a nice detour to spend a few hours and do some window shopping.

Drawing of Mousehole Harbour, Cornwall by Simon Harmer, artwork at Cornwall Gold 

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