Monday 24 April 2017

Things That Make Me Smile - 11

I feel like the blog has been quite serious in recent times, must be something about your kids turning from enthusiastic, fun little bundles of noise and mess, to eye-rolling, moaning teenagers.  Or maybe it's something about getting older and feeling more rebellious and not wanting to do it all anymore.  Still I have Gorgeous, who continues to create utter chaos and entertain all of us and I have hubby who encourages me in whatever I want to do alhamdulillah.

Anyway, the Things That Make Me Smile Posts are some of my favourites, so I thought it was time for another dose of eye candy.

I have been keeping an eye out for some hanging crystals for my daughters bedroom window, can you imagine the sunlight coming through these:

I have had these beautiful hand painted silk scarves from Silk Scarves Takuyo on my mind and on my Pinterest boards for quite some time.  Every single one is beautiful.  Way too lovely to stick hijab pins into.

My dad brought back a box of henna from Pakistan on my mum's request recently.  I have been meaning to try some.  I love some of the simpler designs.

I love the idea of a book nook to curl up in.  We don't have the space, but the idea is so tempting that I know I will be thinking about it.  Somewhere cosy with space for current reads, maybe a rug and cushions rather than seats.

I have been looking for some simple tunics to upgrade my summer wardrobe.  Something linen or cotton lawn that I can throw over any pair of trousers at home and get on with my day without feeling too much of a mess.  Something like the Boden ones below.  In the end I treated myself to a Junaid Jamshed tunic top with English roses and clocks all over it, a bit Alice in Wonderland, but very pretty.

I have been trying to eat as much nuts, dates and fruit as I can at the moment, in the hope it helps to stem my craving for carbs and chocolate.  It seems to be helping a little although I am still eating way too much chocolate.  Big juicy oranges after dinner are a favourite at the moment.

I have been looking for the perfect abayah.  I used to get them stitched by my mum, who made them exactly as I like them, but no longer sews.  I like them in a flowing fabric, not stretch jersey which every shop seems to have, light enough for all seasons, not form-fitting which I am also finding many abayah's to be, with the arms long enough to cover when I pray and the hem wide enough that I can walk without it inhibiting my stride.  I haven't found anything quite right so far, but this looks like what I am looking for (I would love to hear any recommendations).

My youngest has made me smile so much recently, she seems to have come out of her shell, has become more affectionate and much more vocal.  When her sister comes home from nursery, she runs to the door to tell her she loves her and missed her before they proceed to start arguing over their toys.  She loves climbing up things and sitting on her brothers and her favourite words are "I'm hungry", a girl after my own heart alhamdulillah

What is making you smile right now?  What's currently on your wishlist?

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