Friday 14 April 2017

Picture of the Day 11.04.17 - Taking Time Out

During the last week the children have all been home from school on holidays.  I have been at work and trying to make the most of the part of the day I am home.  So every day, as soon as I come home, I drop my bags, put the baby in the pram and head for the park with the children's friends and the neighbours kids in tow.

We can't usually do this because the children have Quran lessons after school, but this week they have holiday from these too.

I take some reading and grab a snack with the best of intentions.  I usually end up spending the whole hour chasing the baby around the park, pushing the youngest two on the swings and trying to stop both boys from doing anything silly or dangerous (like one-wheelies on bikes, pushing the babies too high on the swings and frightening them or fighting with each other).

On the way home, they get slushies, spicy sweet corn or ice-cream.

It's a nice way to spend some time with them after work, it makes us a little late for dinner and because of this bedtime, but the running around and fresh air also seem to make the little ones very sleepy alhamdulillah and I never tire of seeing some greenery.

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