Friday 14 April 2017

Picture of the Day 13.04.17 - Orange Bloom

My mum's garden is her pride and joy.  Last year my brother spent a day cutting back all of her rose bushes and the trees quite drastically as with time she is finding it harder to manage the larger plants.

So this year she has much more of a clean slate in terms of planting.  She has planted the first of many flowers last weekend, this one stood out:

I think it is a Marigold but I am not sure - can anyone confirm?

So many of our wonderful memories are from this garden.  From letting off fireworks into my mum's glass green house by accident, to playing with neighbours children, to barbecues, to playing with our children to the annual Eid photo shoot with the whole family.

Insh'Allah I look forward to this year’s blooming of her garden full of flowers.  I hope to sit on the garden swing we bought my mum one year on Mother’s Day and enjoy the sun and colour with my mum, or sisters, or my children insh'Allah.

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