Wednesday 8 March 2017

Picture of the Day 08.03.17 - Dress Up

I found my two youngest girls playing with their hair bands earlier.  Darling tells me they are playing "make-up fashion girls".  It reminded me of Little Lady when she was younger, except she was always alone.  These two are lucky to have each other to play and squabble with.  They remind me intensely of my two youngest sisters, Harlequin and Fashionista, especially in the way they argue, fall out and then play together.

It made me think of what a great time I had doing things with my older children: midnight feasts, indoor picnics, dress up box for Little Lady, nature baskets, making dens, gardening and sand pits in our garden (never again on that one!).  

It was the perfect age I think, old enough to be out of nappies and feed themselves but still young enough to be in awe of the world (pre crazy teen hormones kick in).  That time went by so fast and now my older three are getting too old for these kinds of things and have lost interest.  But seeing these two today reminded me I will have another go at it insh'Allah, I hope I don't lose my enthusiasm for doing fun things together, travelling with them and getting to see the world through young eyes again.

I'm looking forward to making them a dress up box and creating a picnic trunk. 


  1. This is so cute! They definitely need a dress up box!

  2. Defo might get one thing from each of you aunties to contribute to it ( alittle scarf or old necklce), as a little keepsake and something fun.