Friday 24 March 2017

Picture of the Day 22.03.17 - Little Man's Chocolate Cakes

Little Man was nominated this week by his teacher to help at his school bake sale.  The day before the bake school he called me on the way home from school in a bit of a panic. He had to do his homework and go to the masjid for his Quran class, when could he make cakes?

I told him that I would buy cakes and he could decorate them after masjid and the homework.  He suggested I wake him up at 5am and he would make the cakes fresh.  We argued back and forth with him trying to get out of masjid and his morning hifz (Quran memorisation) class.  I told him the oven was unreliable and he couldn’t bake cakes in the morning, because he needed time for them to cool before he decorated them.

I checked the ready-made cakes in the supermarket and none of them were suitable for nut-allergy sufferers - a requirement of the school bake sale.  Eventually after arguing back and forth with both of us getting louder and people in the supermarket looking at me, we agreed that he could make the cakes fresh after masjid and homework and Little Lady and I would help him.

This was the end result:

Little Lady helped him find a recipe and spoon the batter into the cake cases without making too much mess and I helped spoon out chocolate icing, and by washing up the piles of dishes and bowls they managed to use.

He stacked them in two little wooden fruit crates that I usually put my recycling in, to take to school.  He reported that all of the cakes had sold and his class had really liked them, his teacher having bought the last four.

I like that he is such a foodie, we both have a sharp sense of taste and smell and we both love food, I hope he never sees cooking and baking as girly and is something that he continues to enjoy.

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