Friday 24 March 2017

Picture of the Day 22.03.17 - Hide all the Pens!

We recently refurbished the first floor of our home and added a second floor by making bedrooms in the loft. It is the most work we have had done since we moved to this home 14 years ago and it has been an utter pleasure having clean rooms with freshly painted walls and flooring instead of carpets.

Of course what looks clean to me, clearly seems to look like a blank canvas to others and Darling took the opportunity to take a permanent black Sharpie to the wall and the bannister that my husband spent three days stripping, polishing and varnishing. I eventually managed to convince her gently to stop blaming Baby and own up. Of course Baby will take any opportunity to practice her calligraphy on any surface she can find as well, including floors, sofas, my diary or the other children’s homework.
 Baby posing next to the scribbles it turned out she didn't do.

So alongside trying to explain repeatedly why we can’t write on walls I took the opportunity to find every pen, pencil and piece of stationary in the house and stash it out of reach.  This is part of what I gathered:

I had no idea that we had managed to accumulate so much stationary, this doesn't include a bucket of pens and random things like ink cartridges, bulldog clips and post-its.

It was actully quite therapeutic sorting them into buckets: colouring pencils, watercolour pencils, Sharpie markers and brush pens, watercolour and paint equipment, painting box for the babies (collective term in our home for Baby and Darling), drawing supplies (pencils, charcoal pencils and erasers etc) and a box of pens of every description.  

I have stashed it behind the little desk my husband bought me to work from.  Hopefully they won't notice them there.  It makes it harder for me to get to, but I am pleased they are in one place and right behind where I use my laptop, serving as a reminder to take them out and practice watercolours and drawing insh'Allah.

P.S. does anyone know what the red bucket bag near the top of the  the picture is called and where I can get hold of similar or bigger ones?

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  1. Assalamalaikum sis, to get permanent marker off walls. Take some toothpaste on a clean rag or paper towel and rub. Take loads of elbow grease but the fluoride helps remove the permanent marker stains. Then rinse with another damp clean rag or paper towel. And dry with paper towel or another clean rag and voila!