Sunday 1 May 2016

Picture of the Day - 30.04.16 - Black Pansies

I'm loving picking flowers for my garden at the moment. Most of the garden is taken up by a giant trampoline at the moment, but I still love the idea of the flower bed being full of flowers and herbs and veg for my kitchen. I have the sides of the garden lined with flower pots with last years plants waiting to bloom again and I have fairy lights along the fences.

I saw these lovely black pansies at a market and stopped in my tracks.  They look completely black.  They have a velvety feel to them and are so eye-catching.  I picked up some stripy burgundy and fuchsia pink ones too for my flower beds, but this was my favourite.  Reading about them, I found that no other flower gets this black.  Apparently this is a very dark purple, but you can barely see the purple.

At the moment I am convincing Gorgeous they are real as he is adamant they could not be.


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    Where did you find these in Ilford?

    1. I bought these from the boot fair at Chigwell Rise, Essex ( - you can check here if they are open as they move to different locations and close if weather is not good). The stall is owned by an older gentleman who I have seen at a number of different markets in Essex.