Tuesday 3 May 2016

Boot Fair Haul May Bank Holiday 2016

We took the whole family down to the Dunton boot fair this past bank Holiday Monday. We didn't leave home until about 10am and the bargain hunters get the best things at about 7am, so I wasn't expecting much. We didn't end up getting much of anything useful, but I did find a few really nice things:

We always seem to find great art materials, the box of Reeves acrylic paints and paint by numbers were 50p together (the paints are RRP £11.45 on Amazon), and the three little canvasses were £1, Little Lady has a really nice idea for a kind of triptych for these. The orange book is the exercise book that Little Lady uses at school for maths (30p) and the A3 paper is 100 sheets for £1 which the kids can use for school projects.

I had a quick flick through the recipes in the Flavours of India book (50p, but £8.95 here) and they looked quite good, I am wary of buying cook books for recipes I would never try, but this one looked like it had some reasonable suggestions at first glance.

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie (50p, £5.59 on Amazon), seemed very relevant to my attempts to eat healthier and cut sugar at the moment and the promise on the blurb at the back ("David Gillespie cut sugar from his diet he lost 6 stone - and it kept it off) had me sold, it remains to be seen how good it is.

The third book is Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman.  I think I am ok with my EQ, but I read my degree in Psychology 16 years ago and recently decided I would like to pick it up and start reading around the subject again.  This was £1 (£6.99 for the paperback).  Can someone tell me when I am going to read all of these books I keep buying?

Little Lady was very clear that she did not want to go along, but I dragged her along anyway.  We ended up spending a few hours chatting about her school and friends and I bought her a few things: The little blue storage baskets (50p for three), the golden coloured bracelet (50p), the very pretty gold mirror (50p), I bought the black mirror for myself (20p), but will give it away.

The big box that looks like a hatbox, is actually full of little books: The Sugar & Spice...& All Things Nice (Box set) by Keda Black.  Each book has a different ingredient or has two ingredients, one on the front and when turned around one on the book.  The whole book then has recipes based on that main ingredient.   They are full of lovely pictures and the ingredients are luscious: chocolate, mint, lemon, lime, green tea, orange flower water, cinnamon, white chocolate, strawberry, chestnut, apricot, mango, summer berries, cherry, vanilla, caramel and nougat.  The recipes don't seem easy and have few ingredients.  It cost me a whole £1.  I really don't have space to store this, but I am going to read all of the little books just to learn about food and also see if the recipes are any good (there is one for a Mango shrikhand dessert that looks lush).  Amazon don't seem to have this new anymore except for various used sets from £1.18 to £90 and a new set for £112, I have no idea what the original price might have been.

I was happy enough with my haul and it will certainly keep us entertained.

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