Saturday 30 April 2016

Picture of the Day - 29.04.16: Weather Wonders

English people have a reputation for being slightly obsessed with the weather and always commenting on it.  This probably sounds super boring, but if you could see the weather we have had in the last few days you might think again.  

As a child, I use to hear my grandfather say "There are two things that you never know when they will change: women and the weather in Britain" - not sexist much then.  We have had two weeks of alternating snow, hail stones, bright sun, rain showers, blustery winds and thunder without any rain, and of course rainbows all over the place.  

The flowers in my garden look so pretty covered in raindrops:

The wind has blown all of the petals from the blossoms on my neighbours apple tree into our garden, it looks like a carpet of snow:

This morning hubby took us to a boot fair in the middle of a large ground, the grass was sharp with white frost and in between there were clusters of buttercups, which I absolutely love (even if my hands and feet were numb from cold):

So thats why we talk about the weather - it's unpredictable, fascinating and its effect on nature is so beautiful.  The forecast for the next few days suggests warmer weather, which I am looking forward to.

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