Monday 2 May 2016

Picture of the Day - 01.04.16: Blank Canvas and Bright Colour

I recently changed my blog header (at the top where the title is) into one I painted, but I still wasn't quite happy with it. I have been looking for an opportunity for a few days, so yesterday I finally got time to crack open the paints and have another go.

This is the one I did initially:

Blow is the second attempt.  There are more colours, they blend a little better and it is brighter.  With the one above I saturated the colours, I might try that with the one below to make the text stand out better.

I did a few other backgrounds in different sets of colours to use for posters that I can use in posts or on my Pinterest, I am still experimenting with how I will use these, this is a first attempt:

Your feedback and suggestions on the colour schemes, headers and posters are very welcome insh'Allah.

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