Monday 9 May 2016

The Love, Learn Inspire List (No.1)

I regularly come across things that make me sit up, take notice or feel moved. The Love, Learn Inspire List collates all of the fabulous stuff I come across in real life, online and across social media. This is a place for me to be completely frivolous or self-indulgent if I want to, my only rule is that I have to love it, be able to learn from it or feel super inspired by it.


Harlequin Sister has been on her travels recently to Norway, she has been Whatsapping me pictures of aquamarine waters and snow-capped mountains, I can't wait to see more pictures.

Shutterbug Sister's photos are always a pleasure, and I loved this recent one of a drop of water:

I have loved the hand painted Japanese style silk scarves at this Etsy shop for years, they are so very beautiful and the colours are sublime: 


I read my degree in Psychology and have always had a passion for learning about human behaviour, brain, personality, intelligence and socialisation.  It never occurred to me to consider Psychology from an Islamic perspective until recently.  I listened to two talks by Ustadh Nauman Ali Khan on the Islamic view of Psychology (here and here) and they really got me thinking, then I came across this paper on the Islamic contribution to modern psychology and understanding the self, and I was hooked.  I am trying to devour anything on the intersection between Islam and Psychology that I can find.

I have become deeply disheartened about much of mainstream media and feel like I can trust very little of what I read.  Or else I find that the focus is really on frivolous celebrity news or the latest light-hearted vine or trend.  I came across The Intercept last year and it has become a great source of news and information for me: investigative journalism that challenges authority and the real story behind what we are seeing.


I have been gardening and planting the last few days - flowers and tomatoes so far and lots of falling blossom and weeds to clear away.

I came across the idea of a fairy garden at Crafts by Amanda and would love to create something similar in a corner of my garden with the children:

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