Monday 9 May 2016

Colourful Gifts

A very kind person recently treated me to some gifts, for no reason, which makes it all the nicer still.

She bought these soft summer cotton dresses for Darling and Baby and some chocolate for me.  I just love the prints on these, the colourful one in the middle is very retro and reminds me of wallpaper we had in our house when I was a child.

I am absolutely convinced that all of the high store chains and fashion houses are inspired by the crafters - I see designs in card making and paper crafts one year and on the high street the following year: I saw the same thing with owls and fox prints, chevrons and ombre prints, swallow prints everywhere, recently it was camera's, bikes and arrows which are still in shops everywhere.  Maybe the crafters just pick the trends up quicker, I don't know. 

Most recently it is the tiny quirky little Japanese kawaii style drawings that I have been seeing on craft blogs, and journaling and bullet- journaling blogs - like the gorgeous drawings on the dress on the right.

The chocolate was my favourite Hotel Chocolat chocolate.  I have been looking for something between milk and dark, around 45% is the perfect mix of intensity and sweetness, this Supermilk is darker at 65%, but gorgeous for it.

Baby in her dress:

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