Sunday 20 March 2016

Spring Equinox - Waiting for Warmer Days

Today was the vernal equinox, or spring equinox as it is also known, the time when night and day are about equal and spring starts in the northern hemisphere as autumn arrives in the southern hemisphere. We don't celebrate it in any way, it is just such a nice thought that spring is here and there is a promise of warmer weather and longer days.

I go into a kind of semi-hibernation in winter, staying out of the garden or the park and only venturing out if I have to or for a walk when I need some exercise.  Today was as good a day as any to dust off the cobwebs and take the kids to the park.

I got much better pictures of daffodils than the last time.  Then I had to tell the boys to stop running into them.

The trees are mostly still bare, I have seen the slightest hint of blossom in the fewest places, it's still too cold here.

The babies loved duck-watching and it was lovely to let them run around for a good while.

They were absolutely exhausted when they got home and fell asleep for a good long nap.

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  1. The parks there are sooo beautiful mA! Its rare to have parks with lakes adjacent to them in Chicago