Tuesday 15 March 2016

Picture of the Day: 15.03.16 - Daffodils

I have been seeing daffodils since December and trying to get a half decent picture of them since. We always seem to be going past in the car, or they are in someones front garden and I am reluctant to sneak in and start taking photos with all of the other mums going past on the school run thinking I am a weirdo.

This picture is pretty terrible, but it was the best I could manage for now.

Daffodils always cheer me up as they tell me the long, grey winter is coming to an end.  This year the very warm weather in December meant they came up about two months early, then it got very cold in February and I thought they would die.  But they have proved hardy and are still everywhere on my travels, providing a burst if colour.

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  1. Thanks sister.. This picture is pretty nice.. Daffodils is my favourite flower.. Wish to have this in my garden