Tuesday 22 March 2016

Product Review: Amazing! Magazine and 10% Discount

I was asked to review a new magazine for children called Amazing! magazine.  The magazine brings together the editor of Horrible Histories magazine (which my children are avid readers of) and writers from the Simpson's and Beano comics, the latter which my children are fans of.  With this in mind, I had high expectations of the magazine.

It is based on the national curriculum and each magazine covers different topics such as maths, English, science, history,geography, art and personal development, based around one theme.  I was sent issue 16 about Roman's and issue 18, the human body special.

The magazines arrived with a lovely covering letter in the style of a comic.  The other side is bright yellow with some nice illustrations, beside the point, but a nice touch I thought.  The magazines are glossy with good quality paper and full colour.

Inside the body issue each page was dedicated to a different topic. This one focuses on body in the context of geography:

Each magazine includes an art and design page that shows you how to make something, games and brain teasers and one edition included a recipe:

The Roman issue shows the themed pages for English and Maths:

This issue included an A2 poster in the centre with a cool quote:

Alongside the topics you expect like science, maths and English, there are also pages that cover areas such as sports, personal, social, health and careers.  I was impressed with the pages below from the Roman issue for the personal development topic which discusses special educational needs (SEN) including a definition, examples and how it can affect children.

More games:

I could clearly see in the layout and drawings the influence of Horrible Histories and The Beano alongside a variety of other styles.  I liked the breadth of topics covered within each issue and the interactive nature of the magazine.

After having a careful perusal, the only thing to do was to hand them over to the kids and leave them to take a good look and see what they said.

I gave them a few days and then asked them what they thought.  Their response was overwhelmingly positive.  They loved them.  When I asked why, the feedback was that they were funny, they liked the games and they liked that there were facts that they hadn't seen before.  Both boys love non-fiction books, so if the information was run of the mill, they would have come across it before in one of their books about dinosaurs, animals, planets etc.

I asked if there was anything they didn't like and they said they wished it was even bigger because they got through it so quickly and wanted to read more.

I would give this magazine a thumbs up, I like the educational content, and they really enjoyed reading them and trying out the games and activities.

You can buy the magazine through their website here or through major supermakets and newsagents.  It is also available from iTunes, GooglePlay, or Kindle.  As a special offer the people behind the magazine are offering Happy Muslim Mama readers a 10% discount off of subscriptions.  To qualify go to the website http://www.amazing.org.uk/ and use the code: WOW10 at checkout.

You can find out more at their website here, their Facebook page and Twitter which has lots of fun and silly tweets and pictures.

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