Monday 7 March 2016

Mothers Day

As my kids are still so young, I don’t expect too much from them, so I am always happy with what they give me for Mothers Day. Most years Shutterbug Sister will take them to get something for me under the pretext of taking them out for a while.

I loved how they spent the whole morning and the day before whispering amongst themselves and trying to look discreet. Then after giving me their gifts, Little Man told me he knew I would know, saying “You always know mum, why can’t we ever surprise you?”

This year I got this abstract-patterned scarf which I loved and wore straight away and flowers and plenty of chocolate alhamdulillah.

Whenever I think of Mothers Day I think of us all gathering at my mum’s house, babies and big bouquets of flowers everywhere and chocolate to share.

This year we all managed to meet the day before, so Mothers Day itself was quiet. I still spent the day catching up on housework as I tend to do on Sundays, but I made time to pop out alone and treat myself to new walking shoes. I treated us to yummy chow mein made with left over roast chicken and lots of veg and I made some time to read before bed.

I love this montage Shutterbug Sister took of my mums flowers and gifts, so colourful and pretty mash'Allah.

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