Friday 11 March 2016

Picture of the Day - 11.03.16: Mammoth Bones

It's not every day you unexpectedly happen across mammoth bones in your local library.  I was visiting to sort a litany of outstanding book problems: missing books, overdue fines and lost cards, when this loomed up as I walked up to queue for help:

The bones were found very close to where I live and then donated to the Natural History Museum. I got quite excited thinking this was the original, until I realised it was a replica. I can't wait to take the kids back to have a proper look at the weekend.


  1. Asalamoalikum
    My name is Hina I have been reading your blog since 3 years and simply love your posts.I need your advice in some matters.can I have your email?

  2. Salam hina,
    Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. My e-mail is umm_salihah (at) (it's also at the top right of the blog).
    You are very welcome to drop me an e-mail.

  3. How fantastic to see that, and in a place near where you live. I'm sure the kids will love it. I know I would.