Friday 10 October 2014

Thinking About How to Spend your Eidhi?

We just celebrated a wonderful Eid-al-Adha Alhamdulillah. But at the back of my mind was the suffering and hardship so many Muslims are going through. It was such a short time ago that we were incensed and upset at the bombardment of Gaza , so how can we put to the back of our mind that people are still suffering so much and enjoy our celebrations?

I felt guilty and selfish for all of the blessings I could enjoy whilst my brothers and sisters had to do without. In the end my kids showed me the way. All three of the older ones donated all of their Eid money to a collection for the rebuilding of Gaza. It would have ended up sitting in their money boxes, then getting lost when they insisted on counting it, or getting spent on sweets. This way it actually gets used for a positive purpose.

If you'd like to donate some of your Eid money, the following charities are a good place to start:

As well as those from Palestine, our brothers and sisters from around the world who are facing hardship including those in Pakistan, Burma, Iraq and Syria deserve to be remembered by us in our times of comfort and ease.

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