Friday 10 October 2014

Eid-al-Adha 2014/1435: Day 2

After a quiet first day of Eid mostly spnt in the kitchen, day two was easy and boisterous.  We dressed up and headed to my mum's for Eid.  

My mum's delicious Eid lunch is my food highlight of the year and this year I was determined to enjoy it for a number of reasons. Mum isn't getting any younger and is finding it harder and harder to cook for up to 30 people each Eid, so we have decided in future I, my sisters and my lovely sister-in-law will split the cooking between us and all bring something to the table. 

Also, all of the running around after five children like a headless chicken means I seem to have lost a bit of weight (my Eid clothes didn't fit two weeks earlier), so I felt entitled to treat myself.

We spent the day playing with the babies (or in my case lots of time spent nursing the baby), taking pictures and keeping mum and mum-in-law company. The kids ate way too much sweets and were busy stashing their eidhi (eid money), mainly in different pockets of my handbag.

Everyone's outfits were gorgeous:

We spent the evening at my favourite Uncle's house, where we were well-fed again, with someone having the bright idea of serving chocolate cake for desert - a very nice way to end the day


  1. Eid Mubarak to your family.
    It's SimplyMe using a new name & new blog

  2. "Everyone's outfits were gorgeous."
    Reminded me of Gorgeous. How is he and what about Little Man? Haven't seen them in your blogs lately.

    Myself too had been busy this month due to production release and migration to a new technology. So tonight getting some time to comment after a long time. Still I was able to check your able every few days through this month.

    It's mutarjimhm commenting as anonymous because signing in to Google Account is not possible from my office computer.