Friday 10 October 2014

Eid-al-Adha 2014/1435: Day 1

Usually we wait for the kids to go sleep before we put decorations up during the night, but being so sleep deprived I didn't fancy staying up so late and let the kids join in this time.  It turned out to be a great idea, they had a blast and we got our decorations up at a sensible time.

Darling was super-excited by all of the balloons:

We made this balloon arch together.  Good job I got this picture as it didn't stay up for long.  Hubby managed to secure it above the book shelf afterwards instead.

I didn't have the time or capacity to make colour-coordinated decorations this Eid, so was grateful for ones I had made in the past like this banner and the frame below:

While I and the boys blew up balloons for Darling to go crazy over, Little Lady went next door to get her henna done by my neighbour.

Eid morning started as always for me in with something sweet for everyone's breakfast.  Sweet, milky vermicelli (sevaiya) for the adults and fairy cakes for everyone.  I didn't make these last Eid because I was too pregnant and useless and the kids were adamant they had to have them this Eid.  It's a special Eid tradition for me and Little Lady to make these for everyone before the boys wake up.

Fashionista bought this cute vest for Baby:

Baby and Darling's Eid dresses were a gift from my mum, the one at the front is tiny.

This was my outfit which mum-in-law bought from Pakistan before Ramadan.  It didn't fit me last Eid, so came in handy this time round.

My parents were celebrating Eid a day later as their local masjid was doing so, so I invited them to mine for dinner.  It was nice and intimate and very laid back.  I made pilau rice, lamb korma, chicken curry, channa chaat, roast chicken and potatoes, raita, mint chutney and salad.

It was a nice, gentle Eid which was what I needed with such a little baby

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