Saturday 25 October 2014

Eid-al-Adha 2014/1435: Eid party

The weekend after Eid (which seems so long ago now), I decided to throw a one-dish Eid party.  I usually d this quite soon after Eid as we still have out decorations up.

This year I decided I had had enough of stuffing the kids full of sweets and instead of a sweet table we had a fruit table.

There was so much good food, Kooks made these sandwiches and mum-in-law made yummy pakora's,  My neighbour's bought dhai bhalley and samosa's

There was also tons of sweet treats for dessert

We stuck to pass-the-parcel for games with one for the adults and one for the kids.  My neighbour and Little Lady wrapped one each and added sweets and small gifts in between each layer which got everyone really excited once the games got going.

We found this ready-made piñata which we filled with sweets.  None of the kids really knew what this was and their mum's were equally confused.  They had a roaring time trying to smash this with a stick.  In the end we had over-filled it with sweets so it would not break and I had to rip it apart.  When the sweets showered out the kids reaction was something amazing to see.  Their mum's had a good laugh too.

This year we found the kids party bags fairly cheap from a supermarket.  I filled them with toys I had been throwing into a box through the year and leftover sweets from the piñata, pink and orange for the girls and yellow and green for the boys:

These little chiffon pouches were for the ladies to take home:

This year our Eid party was smaller and easier than previous years.  It really helped having people bring a dish and it was just right for what I could manage at the moment.

Thank you to my little sister Kooks for these photo's.

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