Wednesday 29 October 2014

Picture of the Day: 28.10.14 - Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Yesterday poor Darling managed to drop and break a plate at my mum’s house and then trip and fall on the broken pieces and cut her hand in three places. One of the cuts was quite long and bled quite a bit. I felt so sorry for the little mite, but by now I’m used to a litany of cuts, bruises and grazes. In the past I have panicked and freaked out completely. Once when Gorgeous had a fit following a high temperature as a baby and once when Darling was a tiny baby and had a very nasty allergic reaction that spread across her body as I watched and scared the heck out of me. Both times I panicked and we ended up in the hospital.

This time, Shutterbug sister helped me clean it up and dress it and I stayed calm and went back to having my dinner with her in my lap. I did wonder if Shutterbug thought I was a bit too laid back and not fussed, but I could see she wasn't distressed, just curious and the bleeding stopped after a short while. Plus being allowed a lollipop helped her mood tremendously 

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  1. Aw, so cute mashaaAllah:) may Allah save our children. Amin