Tuesday 20 May 2014

Product Review: Mega Bloks Toy

I was recently offered the chance to do a review of the Mega Bloks construction toy and was happy to try them out.

I always get excited when I get a parcel in the post (even if they are often not for me and turn out to be my sisters re-directed parcels).

There are three colour options for this toy: classic, pink and trendy.  I received the pink colour-way.  There are 60 large blocks in the bag.  The bag itself is durable and roomy enough to throw all of the pieces in and close the bag quickly.

I have to say Darling was fascinated with the bag and wanted to see how it opens.  The blocks themselves are bright and eye-catching with attractive colours.

Darling is 19 months now and found the blocks fairly easy to manipulate and slot together.  I usually pick up toys quite cheaply at boot fairs, so my children have been fortunate enough to try a wide variety of brands of building blocks over time and I have found other brands need a little more force to get them to stick and come apart again which can be frustrating for very small children.

 She enjoyed this toy and it kept her busy for quit some time.

The blocks are aimed at 1-5 year old's but Gorgeous, who is seven, wanted to play with them too.  I had to get him to put them away a few times and would find him a little while later playing with them again.  I have to admit I had to try them out too.  The bright colours and the ease with which they fit each other make this an easy and fun toy to play with for smaller children.

If you want to try the toy out, Mega Bloks have a competition to win Play'n Go Wagons here.  The competition is open until 22nd May 2014.  You can also visit their Facebook page here.

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