Tuesday 27 May 2014

Product Review: Hotel Chocolat Old Fossil

Hotel Chocolat is one of my favourite brands (I love chocolate).  I did a review for them in December last year, so when they asked me if I would like to do another, I agreed.

I was offered a few options they are offering for Fathers day, some of these had alcohol, so of those that didn't the Old Fossil chocolate appealed the most.  We like fossils in our home, we have always had this old ammonite fossil in our children's nature basket.

The chocolate came in lovely packaging

I always like the compliment slips that come with the chocolates.  I give them to Little Lady to use for her craft projects (someone was very interested in the contents of the bag, I distracted her with the pretty brown box).

The chocolate comes in the shape of an ammonite fossil in a pretty colourful box.  The chocolate is 40% milk chocolate and suitable for vegetarians and alcohol free, both things I have to watch out for in chocolate.

I like my chocolate fairly dark - 45% cocoa and upwards (Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate batons are my favourite).  This chocolate was fairly smooth and my kids really liked it.  The boys both thought it tasted slightly dark, but they all scoffed their share down.  

Last time I reviewed the Hotel Chocolat Cookies and Chocolate Wreath which was much darker, the kids were not as keen and found it too dark, whereas I found it moreish and ate it a bit at a time over the course of a few days.  This time we split it up between us (including the kids gran) and ate it in one sitting.  Funnily enough, with it being for Fathers Day, hubby was the only one that didn't get any.

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