Thursday 15 May 2014

Gifts from Pakistan

Mum-in-law came from Pakistan last week as she does every year, to stay for the summer. She helps with the children, helps to care for them during the summer holidays and keeps me company.  She also comes bearing gifts!  Alhamdulillah, this year all of my sisters-in-law sent me and the kids gifts.  Lovely outfits for Eid, food and books.

I have already worn this dress twice, it's so comfortable and the colours are so pretty and suit my skin tone.  I like that the current trend is for long loose tunics and straight trousers.  I wear abaya outside of the house, but in the house I often have cousins and uncles popping by, so feel much happier wearing something modest. 

I like also the fashion for following a style or print round to the back of the dress.  I really like the back of this one.

I like the dark velvet used in this one, the pretty embroidery and the strip of print fabric.

The silky print fabric was left over from an outfit mum-in-law had made.

This is probably my favourite because of the very wearable colours, again the velvet strip and the beuatiful embroidery on the shoulders.  I think this will be my Eid outfit this year.

I really liked how fun this outfit is.  Kooks wrote a post about the funky prints on the catwalk in Pakistan last year and I really liked some of the tunics.  So I loved the print on the back of this one - a bit different from your usual florals.

This was for Little Lady from her grandmother for Eid, loved the colour and the embellishment.

This was also for Little Lady from one of her Aunty's.  She wore it with leggings at the weekend and it looked so pretty.

Darling also got some new dresses.  This one uses the same print as a dress that Little Lady had gifted to her last year.  I like the rainbow lace used at the edge of the sleeves and the hem.

This is from the same fabric as Little Lady's blue dress with the sewn-on lace bolero above.  I like how they don't waste things in Pakistan and find other uses for them.  The rainbow bobbles lace at the bottom of this dress is really nice too.

This orange number was a warm, thick fabric and was so easy to wear with leggings she had.  My sister-in-law clearly likes sparkly things.

These were the shoes one of my sisters-in-law sent for Little Lady.  LL saw my face and declared that they were hers and that I couldn't have them.  I've talked her out of wearing them for now, but might have to let her on Eid or at her Aunty's wedding in September.  I remember how excited I used to get at the idea of gold or silver sandals from Pakistan when I was a child, but I don't remember them being like this.

These were the ones I got.  There is something strangely mesmerising about the rainbow square gems on them, not sure when I'll wear them, maybe at the next one-dish/potluck party with Pakistani sisters.  I'm grateful that the heel is low.

I did really like the bangles they sent us three.  The big sparkly red and green are mine.  The ones wrapped in gold ribbon called "gota" are really popular right now.  I could just about squeeze them on, but gave them to Little Lady in the end.  I love the colourful matt metal ones in the bottom row, I and Darling have a set each and both have been wearing them.

The girls both got lots of little accessories too.

The boys got these plain salwar kameez suits which are nice for Eid day or for Jummah prayers.  My youngest sister-in-law's mum made them and I love the design at the front.

My uncle asked for these magazines called Ubqari.  My husband read some of them to me and they are a fantastic mix of natural medicine, childcare advice and religious information.  If you read Urdu and are interested, the magazines can be found online here.

This was the only thing I had requested; Urdu schoolbooks for the children to learn to read and write Urdu with their dad.  So hopefully lessons will be starting soon.

It's good to have mum-in-law here.  She spends a lot of time in prayer and answering the kids million questions.  We got lots of guests and company because of her which is a blessing in itself, but I also strongly believe it is a blessing to have someone older in the house.  I have to say, I love the gifts too and I am grateful for all of the treats.


  1. MashaAllah what a lot of very kind and generous gifts! Alhamdulillah I am also very blessed that my in laws send us some lovely things from Jordan - always such a treat!

    I must say though that I would have no idea how to walk in those glitzy silver sandles - I am totally useless at walking in high heels!


  2. Oh wow its so nice to have gifts sent from "back home"! Lovely dresses, I really like the kurtas-so wearable! And indeed, its good to have elders in the home albeit perhaps not ALL the time!