Saturday 31 May 2014

Bead Therapy

I have been meaning to sort through my collection of beads for months, recently I mentioned to Little Lady we could do a clear out and just keep what we would use.  She was keen on the idea and kept pestering me to do it.  I think she might have regretted that.

We found some quiet time when Darling was asleep and gathered up all of the various boxes, trays and pots of beads that had been stashed around the house, including a tray of beads that had mixed and which was living under my bed collecting a layer of thick dust.

It took us over two hours to pick out the beads we didn't need, sort the ones we wanted back into their boxes and tidy up all of the threads and clasps etc.  We were both exhausted, she from helping me sort the mess and me from sitting on the floor so long.  I get very stiff and sore very quickly and I am not very flexible at the moment either, so can't get up, reach over or move around easily.  This means that there was a lot of asking Little Lady to get up and put things in other places around the house (it's funny what can accumulate in a box of beads - earrings, hairpins, lots of buttons).  She complained it wasn't as much fun as she thought it would be.  She did get some nice beads and charms to add to her own little box of beads though.

In the end we were left with this:

There are still quite a few boxes but thy all have stuff I can imagine making something out of.

This tray is still full of the things I had left by the time Darling woke up and decided we needed help to throw beads into boxes.  

This box is full of lovely treats for me to play with - lots of crystals, charms and square beads.

The beads to sort also include this which includes all of my favourite colours - greens, blues, teals, opaque beads which I like and also square beads - another like.

These are the beads which we cleared out, mostly lots of seed beads and acrylic beads.  I would like to do a give away, but the postage is going to work out too heavy.  So if anyone lives locally (East London) and wants to come and pick these up, please e-mail me (umm_salihah @  Alternatively if you want a smaller part of these (i.e. just seed beads, or pearls or certain colours, let me know at the same e-mail and I might be able to post them if the postage is reasonable.

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