Thursday 22 May 2014

Mint Green Baby Shower

Me and my sisters were recently invited to a baby shower for someone very special to us who is expecting their first baby.  The party decor was in a very pleasing mint green and we all helped out with the decor.  I did the banner and all three of the girls found green sweets, Fashionista made cakes and cookies and Kooks made the little windmills on the dessert table.

I thouht the dessert table just rocked.  Everything looked so pretty

Shutterbug sister found these favour bags, I thought they were very cool.

The mama-to-be was doted on and received lots of gifts.

My sister-in-law made this nappy cake, I loved all of the frogs and the turtle tucked in and I thought it was such a useful gift.

The green boxes were from me, Little Lady saw one of the stuffed beanie baby's in one of the boxes (another green turtle coincidentally) and has been after me to get her one ever since.

I can't help myself sometimes.  I dressed both the boys in green shirts too.  Someone suggested I stand them at both ends of the dessert table to compliment the decor.  I had visions of them clearing the table of sweets. 

Darling managed to find something with green in too.

One of my favourite things at the baby shower was the photo game.  We were all asked to send in baby photo's of ourselves and people who to guess who was who.  This was Kooks baby photo:

Here's Fashionista, Darling looks so much like her now and even sucks her thumb like she used to:

This is Little Lady with her baby picture.  That made me nostalgic, it seems such a short time ago she was a baby and now she is a bossy 11 year old (actually she was a bossy baby too).

This is my precious and very beloved niece with pics of her parents, my brother and sister-in-law.  My bro looks like such a softie here, he certainly wasn't!

Of course one of the best things was the food - chicken chow mein, ginormous 20" tandoori chicken pizza's, vegetable and lamb samosa's, chips, roast chicken and chickpea salad (channa chaat).  

Alhamdulillah, it was a really, really lovely baby shower and I make dua the mama-to-be has an easy labour and a healthy, beautiful, bright, pious baby insh'Allah.

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