Saturday 8 December 2012

Thinking of You

I was closing up the house for bed time – check the doors and windows, put down the oven lid and switch off all of the lights, when I caught a strong whiff of attar, the scent my husband uses.  I don’t know if the kids had been messing around with his things or if it is always there and I don’t notice it, but it made me think of him and smile.

Before he went to South Africa I told him I was confident I could cope alone with the children and with the day to day running of the house and any issues that might come up.  The only thing I was wary of was feeling lonely as I am rarely alone for long with my big family and busy home.

I remember when Hubby went to Pakistan for ten days for his brother’s wedding, I cried most of the time (partly because I was upset I couldn't go).  Alhamdulillah, he has been gone three weeks now and I have thought of him every day, but with a smile and not with sadness or resentment.

I believe that when you do something for Allah (SWT), He makes it easy for you insh’Allah.  Still, three weeks have passed and another six weeks to go and I am counting down each day till his return – he owes me a lot of stories from his time in South Africa.


  1. I know, so sweet :)

    I came upon your blog and I like your candid posts.

  2. AoA sister, found you via google. MashAllah you have your handsful in a nice way-I have 1 MashAllah and struggle with timing (and I'm a SAHM). You Mrs are an inspiration.