Sunday 23 December 2012

Finding Things To Do

Usually the children's holidays are something I and hubby look forward to.  No school run, no pack lunches, bags or uniforms and lots of time together.  This time round I am wondering what I am going to do with them and how I am going to keep my sanity.  I remember now why mum used to be so relieved when the five of us rowdy siblings went back to school after holidays.

There is little happening at the moment that doesn't involve Santa's grotto or making Christmas cards or decorations, so I took them to see an exhibition of South Indian performance costumes (Kathakali).

Little Man's first comment? "This is boring! Is this it?".  We had a good look round and the kids seemed engrossed.  As we left Little Man again commented "this is booorrriiing!"

I am going to have to think of things to do with this lot other than watch films on iplayer and places to go other than the shopping centre.


  1. I find the winter holidays the most difficult to deal with. What with all the xmas and new year's closures and everything being holiday themed, it's hard to find things to do to keep them entertained. I prefer the spring break, when all the museums and galleries and libraries have special programs for the kids.

    I do plan on taking them to an indoor park and a playgroup with a friend or two.

  2. Love it! Love this type of stuff!