Monday 17 December 2012

Picture of the Day 17.12.12 - Little Foodie

One thing I and Little Man share in common is our love of food.  He is the most likely to take turns with me in visiting the kitchen to raid the cupboards and he is the most likely to be found in the kitchen nosing around when I am cooking.

This kid loves fruit of every kind.  He is the only one patient enough in our house to sit and de-seed  a pomegranate and cuts one open every day after school.

These are in season somewhere at the moment so we are getting them very sweet and juicy.  I usually take a few from the top of his bowl.


  1. Umm Muhammad17 December, 2012

    shall i tell you a tip to de seed pomegranates? Cut in half and then make slits for quarters. Hit the skin with a wooden spoon and they come falling out!

  2. masha'Allah.. he actually deseeds them and puts them in a bowl?? masha'Allah, I cant leave them for that long.. a pop a few out and straight into the mouth they go ;)