Monday 31 December 2012

Picture of the Day 31.12.12 - Home Made Biscuits

Fashionista Sister came to visit this week and brought some biscuits she had made herself.  They tasted good, with that fresh home made taste.

She knows hubby is away so she makes the effort to come down and spend some time with me and the kids.  She even does the washing up for me whilst she is here and keeps the kids in line.  The kids love her being here.  She stayed overnight and stayed downstairs with Little Lady past midnight.  They think I don't know they were up.  They didn't know I was up past 1am reading so knew they weren't in bed.


  1. They look yummy! We are going to make some later tonight.

  2. Fashionista01 January, 2013

    Anytime sis! X