Wednesday 12 December 2012

A Bad Day Made Better

You know those days, when things start going wrong and then they just keep going wrong?  The kind of day better spent in bed until it’s over?  That’s the kind of day I had yesterday.

I was woken at am by a blazing toothache – both the tooth and sinus pain combined at a time when I can’t really take strong painkillers because i am nursing.  I made dua until the pain subsided somewhat and I fell back asleep.

I ended up missing my dawn prayer.  Because I am breastfeeding, my body is a little all over the place and every now and again I am really unclear as to whether I should pray not (Muslim women don’t pray when they are menstruating).  I know the rulings, but still ending up having doubts.

I managed to get the kids ready for school and out of the door, but on the way a car clipped Little Man as we were crossing and then sped off without stopping.  It scared the life out of me and totally broke my heart that someone could leave my boy in a heap in the street.  Thankfully he was not seriously hurt.  His cheek was bruised and he was shaken.  The road was icy, so the car had reversed a little and knocked and he slipped over.

I calmed him down, got the others to school and then spoke to his teacher to let her know what had happened and that I would be taking him home.  I got him checked out at a local walk-in centre and was given the all-clear (after waiting over an hour to be seen for barely five minutes).

On the way to the walk-in centre, I posted some parcels.  Twenty minutes later I remembered I had put the baby’s change bag down in the post office and forgot to pick it up.  We rushed back and found it still sitting on the floor by the counter. 

Whilst we were at the walk-in centre I was thinking to myself that I had to be positive and not think “what next”.  I prayed to Allah (SWT) to turn my day around and to protect my children.  Guess what?  Allah (SWT) is the best of helpers and the one who listens to our prayers.  As I waited to see a doctor, Fashionista sister called to say she was nearly outside the clinic.

I had messaged my sisters to tell them what had happened and she had told her in-laws.  Her brother-in-law left work to drive her almost an hour from Luton to London.  They picked us up from the centre and took us home.  They bought us lunch, washed a sink full of dishes and kept us company.  Fashionista the insisted on cooking for us and left two big pots of food (the girl has inherited my mum’s knack for cooking - yummy chicken curry and brown daal below).

Kooky Little Sister dropped by after work with lego to distract the kids (lego baker set for Little Lady below)  and Shutterbug Sister soon followed to see how the kids were.  Alhamdlillah, I felt very lucky to have these guys around me to lend me their support when I needed it.

The police came round in the evening to explain what could happen next (I have to fill out a form and then they will speak to the driver).  I am usually terrified of police, but the one who came to see me was the weediest policeman ever and very nice.  I only had half the number plate and no details from the only witness.  However, on the way to school to pick the children up, I saw the same car again and noted the plates – the driver was not there.  I also saw the car of the witness and noted her number plate too.  I wouldn't have pursued the matter as Little Man wasn't seriously hurt, but for the fact that this person didn't stop.  I kept thinking, what if he had been older and I hadn't been there, my kind son would have been left crying in a heap on the road.

Little Man is fine now, apart from a phone call from his school this morning saying he had tripped and bruised his head, but was well enough to stay in school.  This to add to the bruise he got last week when he bumped into one of the big boys.  He really is one of those children who falls over his own feet. 

Strangely enough, I got a call from my in-laws this evening.  It was 2am at their end (Pakistan time).  I thought it was a bit strange they were calling me at that time just to ask how everything was, until dad-in-law mentioned he’d had a bad dream that worried him and he wanted to know we were okay.  I told him what had happened and that Little Man was fine and he wasn't to worry.


  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    so sad to hear about your son. Two of my kids were hit while riding their bikes years ago. Alhumdullilah he is ok and I hope they catch the guy even just to scare him into better behaviour. Alhumdullilah your family stepped up.

  2. That must have been quite a scare!! I'm completely with you on this - that guy needs to be taught a lesson, how could he think of driving away after knocking down a little child?? Allah is of course, All-seeing, and I'm glad your family came down to help you out. Siblings really are a treasure, aren't they??

  3. Jazakumullahukhairan!

    It was the test from Almighty Allah, he appreciate the people who has patience and believe on him. Except what is destined for you by Allah. We should have a strong faith in Allah.You should recite Holy Quran and thank him.

  4. Assalaamu Alaykum my darling Sis, thanks for all the posts. It means I can see how're you coping with Hubby in my neck of the woods without having to email.

    What a testing day you had! By the time I read how your sis and her BIL had driven an hour to come fetch you, I was in tears. Alhamdulillah for sisters. It seems every time my hubby goes over to Egypt, things go wrong my end *Murphy's Law*; but my family is there for me and that makes a world of difference Alhamdulillah!

    Take care and big hug
    (kisses for your kiddies)

    Fi amanillah